Baxter Brenton (Cambodia) 
Clothing Manufacturing Co., LTD

Established:                        2009
Factory Size:                       21,912.33 m2
Production Line:                  20 sewing lines (470 sewing workers)
Capacity of Production:       327,600  pcs knit garment/ month
Production Items:                 polo/ t-shirt/ pants/ underwear/ swimwear (knit)
Number of workers:             750 local workers


Fabric:                 All kind of circular & warp knitted fabric (s/ jersey, fleece, French terry, 
                            interlock, pique knit, rib knit, jacquard, Wafle, velour in t/c, cvc, cotton & 
                            polar fleece knit)

Export Country:    EU, Canada & US market, Korea

Customers:          Gosport, Gymboree, Ash City, Total Sport, Mcorset, Russell Newman, 
                             Inter Sport, Next, Americo, Stani Corp Polo,Shopko, El Corte, C&A 

Address:               Street Phlov Lom Thmey, Trapang Chrey Village, Sangkat         
                              Kakab, Khan Dorngkor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
                              (Pochentong Industrial Zone)
Tel:                        (855) 23 866 380/ 23 866 390    
Fax:                       (855) 23 866 370